• Indenpendent Diver Course

Indenpendent Diver Course


This is a two day course conducted over a weekend at Santa Rosa, NM "Blue Hole."

To be certified to dive by yourself requires proof of 75-100 logged dives depending on your diver level of training and experience. 

Cost is only for the knowledge development material which will provide you with the knowledge to decide if you wish to pursure further training. There is special equipment and skills needed to safety dive without a buddy being nearby.

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At Texas Dive Center, Inc. we are going to want those dives to reflect a varied level of dive experience. We teach this skill under PADI, SDI and SSI agencies, but our preferred method is through SDI as it offers the best program and that is what we are always about - giving you the best training possible. Our Training Director is a Public Safety Diver Instructor as well as rated to teach diving without a buddy by each of the above certification agencies.

Without a doubt very one should always dive with a buddy for safe scuba diving. However, we recognize there are times when underwater photographers, Dive Professionals, Wreck and Cave divers are too far from a dive buddy to get assistance and this course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to dive alone when that happens.

You must be at least 18. If you are a Dive Master/Master Diver you can enter this program with proof of 75 logged dives totaling 50 hours or more, otherwise we want to see 100 logged dives or more for our program. Regardless, we also want to see you have the specialties as well as 5 logged dives in Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility and Deep diving, as well as hold your Rescue Diver Specialty. Dive Masters/Master Divers and above generally meet those requirements.

We will enroll you in the SDI Solo Diver Digital eLearning course (we find it to be the best program currently available and the Mster Instructor teaches this skill for PADI, SDI and SSI and has 100 of logged solo dives, both day and night) and we will provide you with their eLearning crew pack consisting of special dive slates and some other material. Then you will do one confined water session to demonstrate your self-help skills and three open water training dives varying in depth to a maximum of 80 feet. You'll have a classroom session to discuss various equipment needed and configurations with your own dive equipment. Your open water dives are designed to put stress on you, several skills requiring gas management and it's recording during and after the dive. Skills of switching to your backup gas, extra dive mask, DSMB deployment and more.

So if you meet the above, come see our Training Director to discuss the requirements for getting certified to be a little too far from your dive buddy or when the need to make a solo dive.

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