• Scuba Skills Update

Scuba Skills Update

Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving? Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty? The Scuba Skill Update program is just the refresher you need. It re-acquaints you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day with both refreshed knowledge and dive skills.

Starting from

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The Fun Part

Has it been 1 or more years since you logged a dive? Then it's time to brush up on your scuba knowledge and skills with our digital program on your device. Improve your diving ability with one of our Professionals, and get your scuba gear ready for your next scuba vacation or diving holiday.

What you Learn

You go over scuba knowledge you learned during your initial training, regardless of which dive training agency it was, with the TEXAS DIVE CENTER Team by using your digital device with the Scuba Skills material. Then, practice fundamental skills in a confined and open water area at either Balmorhea State Park near Pecos or at "Blue Hole" in Santa Rosa, NM if you would like (additional cost).

During your Skill Review in-water you review:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning

After you complete the knowledge assessment (on-line), you go through the Confined Water (pool) Skills Preview. You review information about each skill, why it’s important, points to remember when performing the skill. Completing the digital section just before practicing is a great way to refresh your knowledge of how each skill is performed.

The Scuba Skill Update course is particularly beneficial if you:

  • Are a Open Water Diver course referral student who wants a refresher prior to making your open water training dives
  • Are a Scuba Diver who wants to upgrade to Open Water Diver
  • You just haven’t scuba dived in a while and want to get familiar again to be a safer diver or perhaps move on to your next Certification Level.

The Scuba Gear You Use

You use all the basic scuba gear. Check with TEXAS DIVE CENTER about gear rentals and packages offered with this course. You can find everything you need at TEXAS DIVE CENTER.

The Learning Materials You Need

Quickly and effectively review scuba diving fundamentals with our digital program provided with the course. Begin by answering a few questions related to dive safety, problem management and dive planning. For example:

  • What are the five steps in a pre-dive safety check?
  • What is the maximum depth limit for all recreational diving?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of decompression sickness?
  • At 12meters/ 40 feet a diver runs out of air. Her buddy is more than 60 feet away, what should she do?

Correct answers will allow you to complete the program quickly. For incorrect answers, you’ll read a brief explanation to help you understand the concept. To purchase this course, contact us at TEXAS DIVE CENTER. Your total cost for your confined water sessions is just $75.00 if you own your own Total Diving System, otherwise we will provide the BCD, Regulator set, tank and weights for $175 and you provide the rest.


To take the Scuba Skill Update, you must Have

  • a scuba diver certification or be enrolled in a scuba certification course
  • Be at least 12 years old

This course is scheduled on customer demand. Contact us for a schedule which meets your needs.

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