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You’re about to join a global group of SSI Explorers as they learn about the marvels of the underwater world. As part of your experience, you will learn fascinating facts about our oceans as a Blue Oceans Explorer. You will also learn new skills like and practice with new equipment as an SSI Snorkel Explorer and moving into Scuba Explorers.

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You will also learn about the earth's Blue Oceans and the marine life that we protect.After finishing these programs, your next adventure is up to you! Ages 6-7 can start with Blue Oceans and Snorkel Explorer and then continue with Scuba Explorer and more when reaching age 8. This is an ideal program for your kids during their school spring or summer breaks and they can get started at any time before then with the digital course work and supplement it with the student manual - so enroll your children today.

Emma: " Our names are Emma and Nico, and these are our friends: Star the Starfish, Spike the Shark, and Shelly the Turtle. Star’s job is to give us the knowledge to become an Explorer. Spike will tell us all about the equipment we need to become an underwater Explorer. And Shelly will tell us all about the ocean environment. We are excited to have you join us on our next exploration."


nicoNico: " Did you know that all life originated from the ocean? It’s true. 50–80% of all life on earth lives in the sea, and 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean. This is why the earth looks blue from outer space. Even your body is about 60% water! This is why almost everybody likes to be in the water—it’s like coming home! Become an SSI Explorer and join us on our adventure through the world’s ocean. "


By becoming an SSI Explorer, you can:

Protect and defend the environment as a Blue Oceans Explorer. (This is the first program and is available age 6+)
Discover what’s below the surface of the water as a Snorkel Explorer. (Age 6+)
Swim like an ocean mammal as a Mermaid Explorer. (The experience portion of this one is not available in Lubbock).
Breathe and swim freely underwater as a Scuba Explorer.
Hold your breath and dive like a whale as a Free Diving Explorer. (The experience portion of this one is not available in Lubbock).

MINIMUM AGE: 8 for Scuba.

There is no minimum age for the Snorkel Diver program but we generally look at age 6 being ready and able.

Note: Students do not need to be proficient swimmers to participate in the Snorkel Diver program. They should be comfortable and able to maintain their buoyancy in water too deep to stand in prior to participating in open water sessions.

Digital course work $75

All-inclusive student manual with logbook and sticker set just $60 more.

Total package including the training in the pool for snorkel and scuba (max depth of 12ft depending on child's ability) $425 per child (Complete package including access to the full digital program, manual with stickers, certification cares and training by a professional scuba instructor. For the Snorkel Explorer experience program only there is no additional fees to pay if their mask, snorkel and fin package is purchase in our store, otherwise the pool experience only portion is $50 in addition to the Digital and book with stickers if desired. Parents need to provide mask, snorkel and fins for the snorkel and scuba experience programs (available in our store with 10% off) - we provide the other equipment.

LEARN MORE: training@texasdivecenterinc.com

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